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About Us

The orchestras of Frank W. Cox High School strive to represent the utmost dedication to musical excellence and humanity in the school, district, state, and country.  The students in our ensembles are exposed to a wide array of musical repertoire and performances throughout the concert season and travel annually to perform around the country.  Most recently, the Falcon Orchestra performed at Carnegie Hall as part of the invitational National Band & Orchestra Festival.  Students are provided with many leadership, social, and team building opportunities throughout the year that create a strong musical environment.  Our students and director are supported by an organization of parents and volunteers, known as the Cox Orchestra Association (COA), dedicated to the success and growth of the orchestra program.


Our Orchestras



Beginning Orchestra

For students with little to no experience, this one-of-a-kind orchestra is a great opportunity for students who are looking to enhance their lives with a string instrument!  We perform beginning orchestral repertoire at the VBODA Levels of I and II.  Available for all students in grades 9-12.


Concert Orchestra

For students with three or more years of experience, the Concert Orchestra is a continuation of orchestral studies from middle school, or the Beginning Orchestra from Cox.  We perform intermediate orchestral repertoire at the VBODA Levels of III-V.  Available for all students in grades 9-12.


Chamber Orchestra

For advanced students, the Chamber Orchestra is a continuation of orchestral studies performing at the advanced to artist level.  This orchestra is available for students in grades 9-12 by audition only.  Students in this orchestra are strongly encouraged to take private lessons to keep up with the level of music we study in this ensemble.

About the Director

Kevin Fields

Mr. Kevin Fields has a reputation of being known as a dynamic, young teacher with outstanding leadership that has guided many to admire and learn from his expertise. From the early years of his childhood, he has had the passion to teach and guide others, which only illuminated the path to being a well-rounded teacher. Since his seventh-grade self dedicated him to musical life, the conjoining growth of both humanitarian and artistic interests drove Mr. Fields to apply to, and graduate from, the Governor’s School for the Arts in Norfolk, VA and the Governor’s STEM Academy at Grassfield High School.  After which, he earned both a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education and his Bachelor's Degree in Psychology to accommodate such. Not only that, but he earned the state title of Collegiate President of the Virginia Music Educators Association. After graduating, he began work as the Communications Director for Virginia's Chapter of the American String Teachers Association (VASTA). 

After acquiring these noteworthy titles, he advanced to become the orchestra director at Frank W. Cox High School and John B. Dey Elementary School, which was quickly secured and followed by his consistent "Superior" ratings at each assessment he applied his classes to. With such accomplishments came the notoriety of the Outstanding New Teacher of the Year, which was awarded to him after just one year of teaching. The accolades of the Falcon Orchestra have grown each year under his leadership, most recently with an invitation and successful performance at the National Band and Orchestra Festival at Carnegie Hall in NYC. Meanwhile, he created VASTA’s website, notably awarded "Best Chapter Website" of the United States 2021, and co-founded Falcon to Falcon, a mental health movement for those who are in need of support from peers and faculty. Mr. Fields has shown constant and deliberate efforts to be a passionate teacher that provides a guiding hand for those who wish to achieve, and excel, the same degree of success he has.

Bio Graciously Written by Larry P. Smith, III (Class of 2022)

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